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   On the 14th, the sailing Olympic champion Xu Lijia came to the Zou Shiming Fighting Fitness Center to take over the "war book" of the boxing Olympic champion Zou Shiming. It was also the same day that the Shanghai sports culture brand "Sports Magic City" opened a live broadcast of Shanghai sports coupon venues, a live broadcast of "boxing" Cheng Gaoneng, and Xu Lijia led fans to experience the "boxing hormone" together.

14日,航海奥运冠军徐立嘉来到邹世明格斗健身中心,接手了拳击奥运冠军邹世明的“战书”。也是在同一天,上海体育文化品牌“体育魔术城”开通了上海体育优惠券场馆的现场直播,“拳击”成高能的现场直播,徐立嘉带领粉丝们一起体验了“拳击荷尔蒙”。 。

   This is Xu Lijia’s first experience of boxing. Every step is like a mountain. Every link is fresh and full of challenges. First, tie up the belt, put on the boxing gloves, and step onto the ring to complete the first "ring challenge" level. Then came "Light and Shadow Target Strike". Accompanied by dynamic music, Xu Lijia hit the target with straight punches, uppercuts, and swing punches under the guidance of the coach. After a while, she was sweating. "Thai boxing experience", Xu Lijia uses both hands and feet to release the "mini universe" of athletes.

这是徐立嘉的第一次拳击经验。每一步都像一座山。每个环节都是新鲜的,充满挑战。首先,系好安全带,戴上拳击手套,然后踩到环上以完成第一个“环挑战”等级。然后是“光影目标打击”。伴随着动感的音乐,徐立佳在教练的指导下以直拳,勾拳和挥拳击中目标。一段时间后,她出汗了。 “泰拳经验”,徐立佳动手脚释放运动员的“迷你宇宙”。

After going through the barriers, Xu Lijia's agility and coordination left a deep impression on the coach. “It's an Olympic champion. She has a quick grasp and comprehension of movements!” However, Xu Lijia said frankly: “I am still the best at it. Sailboat."

经历重重障碍后,徐立佳的敏捷和协调能力给教练留下了深刻的印象。 “这是奥林匹克冠亚博最新手机登录军。她能快速掌握和理解动作!”但是,徐立嘉坦率地说:“我仍然是最擅长的。帆船。”

As a boxing novice, Xu Lijia has a lot of feelings. She came out and said: "I just saw this sport on TV before. After the live experience, it feels cool and the fitness effect is very good. If girls want to lose weight, boxing is definitely fat burning. Sports. I just punched for a few minutes and I was sweating profusely."


   Shanghai sports WeChat fan "Xiao Jiujiu" who experienced with Xu Lijia is a professional female anchor. The brand new sports experience made her feel the benefits of sports to the body. "Usually because I often sit still for work, boxing can relieve stress and train core strength."

与徐立嘉一起工作的上海体育微信粉丝“小九酒”是一名职业女主播。全新的运动体验使她感受到了运动对身体的好处。 “通常因为我经常坐下来工作,所以拳击可以减轻压力并训练核心力量。”

Xu Lijia recommends that the general public use sports vouchers to try various sports, “As long as you can walk into the venue to experience, you will have more knowledge about sports and will prefer to participate.” Regarding how to choose a sport that suits you For the project, she suggested that it is best to find a nearby stadium to participate in the exercise, so as to persist. At the same time, choose projects according to their own preferences, and the enthusiasm for participation is higher.


   In September this year, the Municipal Sports Bureau issued Shanghai sports vouchers, which are used to support citizens to enjoy public welfare sports and fitness services. Shanghai sports vouchers are designed with face values ​​of 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 20 yuan, 30 yuan, 50 yuan, and 80 yuan, taking into account the consumption levels of different areas and different price points such as the central city and suburbs. As long as you are in Shanghai and love sports, you can participate in the coupon collection through simple real-name registration. The city-level consumer coupons issued by the Municipal Sports Bureau are used as general coupons and can be used in designated venues throughout the city; the district-level consumer coupons issued by the district sports department are restricted to designated venues in the district. Each coupon is valid for 2 weeks, and each person can receive a maximum of 5 coupons per week, and they will be automatically recycled and reissued when they expire.


The Shanghai sports vouchers include more than 500 designated sports venues such as Oriental Sports Center, Jiangwan Stadium, Huangpu District Workers Stadium, Jing'an District Sports and Fitness Center, Zou Shiming Fighting Fitness Center, Pan Xiaoting Billiards Club, Rock Basketball Park, Shenhui City Sports, etc. . As long as you are in Shanghai and love sports, you can grab coupons through the "Shanghai Sports" government WeChat, "Shanghai Sports Coupon Distribution" WeChat applet and other channels.


   The relevant person in charge of the Zou Shiming Fighting Fitness Center said that after applying for the Shanghai sports vouchers, friends of the public can go to the Zou Shiming Fighting Fitness Center to enjoy all fitness services. "Our coaching team is composed of champion retired athletes from various provincial teams. They are very professional and can help everyone get started in sports from the perspective of mass fitness and provide high-quality fighting fitness services."

邹世明格斗健身中心相关负责人表亚博最新手机登录示,市民在申领上海体育券后,可以到邹世明格斗健身中心享受一切健身服务。 “我们的教练团队由来自各省队的退休冠军运动员组成。他们非常专业,可以从大众健身的角度帮助每个人开始体育运动,并提供高质量的搏击健身服务。”

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