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In the fifth round of the West Division, with De Thomas's only goal, the Spaniard defeated Alcocon 1-0 at home. The plot was exactly the same as the previous two rounds. After Wu Lei was replaced in advance, the Spaniard scored a goal in the second half and finally won. After five rounds, a question now lays in front of us. Has Wu Lei, who has been out of the system and has suffered a four-game scoring shortage, has been lost in the Second Division?


In the past three rounds, from the perspective of the game, Wu Lei not only failed to help the Spaniard, but seemed to be a factor preventing the team from winning. In the third round, against Real Oviedo, Wu Lei was replaced in the 60th minute. De Thomas, who replaced him, scored twice and helped the team beat the opponent 2-0; the fourth round was against Sabadore. , Wu Lei was replaced by Melamed in the 72nd minute, who scored the winning goal for the Spaniard 12 minutes after his debut. In this round of home scene against Alcocon, Wu Lei exited after halftime. Melamed, who replaced him, sent a key cross in the 75th minute to help De Thomas complete the goal.

从比赛的角度来看,在过去的三轮比赛中,吴磊不仅没有帮助西班牙人,而且似乎是阻止球队获胜的一个因素。在第三轮对阵皇家奥维耶多的比赛中,吴磊在第60分钟被换下。接替他的德·托马斯(De Thomas)得分两次,并帮助球队2-0击败了对手。第四轮是对萨瓦多。 ,吴磊在第72分钟被梅拉梅德(Melamed)取代,梅拉梅德(Melamed)首次亮相后12分钟就为西班牙人赢得了进球。在本轮对阵Alcocon的主场比赛中,吴磊中场休息后退出。接替他的梅拉梅德(Melamed)在第75分钟内送出了一个关键的传中,以帮助De Thomas完成进球。

Analyzing the three rounds of the game, it is not difficult to conclude that the Spaniard broke the deadlock after Wu Lei's exit, and the players who came on the bench for Wu Lei participated in the goal. Such embarrassing plots are staged continuously, which may explain some problems, that is, there are players in the Spaniard who are more suitable for Moreno's system than Wu Lei, such as Melamed, who has performed well after the recent two rounds of substitution. . The Chinese fans were very dissatisfied with Moreno's decision to replace Wu Lei in advance, but there was nothing to say. It turns out that when Wu Lei left the field, the Spaniard played better and won the game.

分析游戏的三轮比赛,不难得出结论,西班牙人在吴磊退出后打破了僵局,替吴磊坐在替补席上的球员参加了比赛。如此尴尬的情节是连续上演的,这也许可以解释一些问题,即西班牙球员中有比乌雷更适合莫雷诺体系的球员,例如梅拉梅德(Melamed),在最近两轮换人赛中表现都不错。 。中国球迷对莫雷诺提前更换吴雷的决定感到非常不满,但无话可说。事实证明,吴蕾离开球场时,西班牙人打得更好,赢得了比赛。

Through the first five rounds of the second division, we can see that the so-called Spanish sub-level league level is not as high as imagined. The level of each team is uneven. It is not an exaggeration to say that some games are pecking each other. Moreover, compared with the five major leagues, the attention of the Spanish Second Division is very low. When Wu Lei was playing in La Liga before, there were a lot of relevant reports in the Spanish media after the match. However, after coming to the Spanish Second Division this season, the Spanish and Wu Lei The report is much less. On the Chinese Internet, Wu Lei's popularity has also plummeted, and there is no longer as much discussion about him on match day as last season.


Therefore, the question lies in front of Wu Lei. Nowadays, he can only play half-time in the West Second Division. Although it can still be called studying abroad, how important is it to exercise with such a platform and such playing time? Moreover, due to the lack of attention of the Second Division, Wu Lei's commercial sponsorship income will definitely be affected. As the only hope of the whole village, everyone hopes that Wu Lei will continue to stick to his dream, but we cannot kidnap Wu Lei and should allow him to make the right choice for himself.

因此,问题就在吴磊面前。如今,他只能在West Second Division上半场比赛。尽管它仍然可以称为出国留学,但使用这样的平台和这样的游戏时间进行锻炼有多重要?而且,由于第二师缺乏关注,吴磊的商业赞助收入肯定会受到影响。作为全村唯一的希望,每个人都希望吴亚博最新手机登录磊继续坚持自己的梦想,但是我们不能绑架吴磊,应该让他为自己做出正确的选择。

Wu Lei is 28 years old this year. During the one and a half season of representing the Spaniards in La Liga, he has realized his dream of staying abroad. He joined the team to participate in the European game and scored goals against Barcelona. Every item was written in China. The player's overseas history. However, no matter how beautiful the plot is, there is always the end of the song, and now Wu Lei seems to have been lost in the Second Division. If he cannot adjust his state in time, perhaps leaving Europe will only become his helplessness. The only option.


After Wu Lei left, Shanghai SIPG lost his type of assassin on the front line, and lost in the championship with Evergrande last season. This season, although the team introduced Lopez, known as "Brazilian Wu Lei", it was discovered that he still could not replace Wu Lei's deity. If Wu Lei can return to SIPG in the next transfer window, coach Pereira will be so happy to fly, and his team will return to the championship level of 2018. For Wu Lei, there is always Home can go back, and my heart will feel more at ease.


(Don’t come here unharmed)


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