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At the end of a football match, what everyone should remember is the wonderful goals in the game and the courageous spirit of the players on both sides. If the referee steals the spotlight in the game, there are only two possibilities. Either he behaved too badly, or he behaved too well. After the start of this year's Super League, the issue of referees' penalties has attracted much attention, and their mistakes and omissions have become the focus on and off the court. In the second round of the two Super League semi-finals on the 2nd, we have one expectation that we will forget the referee.


The first game of the two Super League semifinals was 15:30, Shanghai SIPG VS Jiangsu Suning; the second game was 19:35, Guangzhou Evergrande VS Beijing Guoan. SIPG and Guoan are the focus. When a referee made a mistake in the first stage of the Shanghai SIPG League, they all became the beneficiaries. At that time, Beijing Guoan became the victim for most of the time when it was controversial. Then in the knock-out match between Guoan and Luneng, the referees imposed an uproar... Now the game is extremely critical. The one who advances will have a chance to compete for the league championship, while the one who loses will regret it for a long time.

中超两场半决赛的第一场比赛是15:30,上海SIPG VS江苏苏宁。第二局是19:35,广州恒大VS北京国安。 SIPG和国安是重点。当裁判在上海SIPG联赛第一阶段犯错时,他们全都成为受益人。当时,北京国安在有争议的大部分时间内成为受害者。然后在国安队和鲁能队的淘汰赛中,裁判员大喊了一声……现在比赛非常关键。进步的人将有机会参加联赛冠军,而失败的人将为此感到遗憾。

Through the pre-match joint meeting in the morning, the editor was the first to learn about the referee selection of SIPG and Suning. This time the referee team came from China, and instead of using "Asian elite referees" such as Maning, Zhang Lei, and Fu Ming, they chose Guo Baolong as the main referee. Judging from the performance of this referee team this season, it is really not reassuring. The chief referee + assistant referee + video referee + fourth official has only one international level, and the rest are national level.

通过上午赛前联合会议,编辑是第一位了解SIPG和苏宁裁判选择的人。这次的裁判队伍来自中国,他们没有使用Maning,张磊和Fu Ming等“亚洲精英裁判”,而是选择了郭宝龙作为主要裁判。从本赛季这支裁判队的表现来看,这确实令人放心。首席裁判员+助理裁判员+视频裁判员+四级官员只有一个国际水平,其余为国家水平。

Guo Baolong


Let's take a look at the referee Guo Baolong. The 47-year-old referee from Qingdao has actually been famous for many years. He even became the referee of the Super League in 2010. However, he left the Chinese Super League for many years because of a fault in law enforcement. It was not until these two years that he returned to the first line of refereeing. In the 2011 season, he enforced Guoan against Guangzhou, and his enforcement standards caused great controversy. Beijing coach Pacheco left after the game saying "the court is tilted" and left. He revealed that "the players of the Beijing team are wiping their tears after returning to the locker room." In 2013, Guo Baolong's enforcement was also a huge controversy. He enforced 5 games in the Super League this season, with a net game time of 54 minutes, showing 17 yellow cards, 1 red card, and 2 penalty kicks. Suning played against Dalian in the second round of the first stage of the law enforcement. In the second stage of enforcement, Shanghai Shenhua played against Shanghai SIPG in the first round. At that time, Anautović was hit by Mbia in the penalty area without a penalty, and Maitijiang was not penalty for a suspected handball in the penalty area. Law Enforcement In the first round match between Shanghai Shenhua and Chongqing Dangdai, there were many disputes and penalties, and there were many fierce fights on the court without penalties. Of course, we can find that Guo Baolong appears more stable than the law enforcement when he was young. After all, 47 years old is also the mature stage of referees.

让我们来看看裁判郭宝龙。这位来自青岛的47岁裁判员实际上已经出名很多年了。他甚至在2010年成为中超联赛的裁判。但是,由于执法失误,他离开了中超多年。直到这两年他才回到裁判的第一亚博最新手机登录线。在2011赛季,他对广州实施国安,他的执行标准引起了很大的争议。北京教练帕切科在比赛结束后离开,说“法院倾斜”,然后离开。他透露:“北京队的队员回到更衣室后擦干眼泪。” 2013年,郭宝龙的执法也引起了巨大争议。他本赛季在超级联赛中执行了5场比赛,净比赛时间为54分钟,显示出17张黄牌,1张红牌和2个点球。苏宁在第一阶段执法的第二轮中对阵大连。在第二阶段的执法中,上海申花在第一轮对阵上海SIPG。当时,安纳托维奇在禁区内被姆比亚击中而未加点球,而迈蒂江在禁区内未因涉嫌手球而被判点球。执法在上海申花队和重庆当代队的第一轮比赛中,发生了许多争亚博最新手机登录执和处罚,并且在球场上发生了许多激烈的没有处罚的战斗。当然,我们可以发现郭宝龙年轻时看上去比执法部门更稳定。毕竟,47岁也是裁判的成熟阶段。

The two assistant referees are the 42-year-old international assistant referee Wang Dexin from Shenyang and the national referee Zhang Meilin from Qingdao. In the second round of Suning and Chongqing Dangdai, it was the two of them who worked together. The fourth official selected for this game is the 35-year-old referee He Kai from Hubei. The video assistant referee who has received attention is Liu Wei, a 40-year-old national referee from Shenyang. Liu Wei served as the video referee for the two-round match between Shanghai SIPG and Shanghai Shenhua. Among them, in the second round, Bi Jinhao and Moreno fell to the ground in the penalty area without a penalty. At the same time, they served as video referees for the first round of Beijing Guoan vs. Guangzhou Evergrande. Another video assistant referee named Wang Yang is also from Liaoning. In short, only one of the six referees in this game is international, and the law enforcement experience is also worrying.


Now that the Football Association has arranged this, we can only believe that they can do a good job. I hope they are not the protagonists of the game, I hope the game is exciting and they play well. Similarly, this expectation also applies to the battle of Evergrande VS Guoan.


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