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In the second round of the 2003 AFC semi-final, Dalian Shide fought back against Al Ain. A 4-year-old kid sat on his father's shoulder and walked into the stadium for the first time. The cheers of the crowd after Wang Peng first opened the record, the figure of Yan Song running with all his strength, and Li Yao's wonderful pass from the left have quietly planted a football seed in our protagonist's heart.


Baidu searched for the three words "Zhao Shixuan", and what came into view were "the championship is here after all" and "Xi'an Jiaotong University football team won the Shaanxi Super Group Championship for the first time in history." A few reports are only a thousand words, but Xijiao has waited a long time for these thousands of words, and Shi Xuan has also waited a long time.


The road we are going to take again today is the Baqianli Road of Zhao Shixuanyun and Yue, a retired member of the Xi'an Jiaotong University team. From Dagong Affiliated School to Dalian No. 48 Middle School to Xi'an Jiaotong University, he has leaped more than 1,900 kilometers, from the Football City to under the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, he has been running and on the road.


1. set sail


Shi Xuan's father is a fan. He liked football since he was a child, and Messi was also deeply influenced by him.


Over the years, his parents have always supported him the most, and they are also the ones who have the greatest influence on him. Just like the original intention of many athletes, from watching football to starting to play football was because of his frailty and sickness when he was a child, so his parents let him exercise by playing football. Coincidentally, he never thought that playing football could help so much in his life.


When Shi Xuan joined the school team in high school, his parents not only did not object, but were very supportive. They went to see him training whenever they had time. And under the advice of my mother, I started a learning-oriented road with professional quality.


It is hard to say a few words about their gratitude. Shi Xuan, who has already worked, is ready to repay them well in the future.


The 48th Middle School in Dalian, where Shixuan High School studied, has a very glorious history of campus football. Like Dongbei Road, it has also cultivated international players like Zhang Yaokun and Yan Song. So Shi Xuan was full of hope and expectation for himself when he first entered high school. As a sports student, he also has requirements for himself-training every afternoon, and will increase intensive physical and strength training during the competition period. Although hard work, it is still very happy for him to do what he likes most every day.


Since the high school team atmosphere is particularly good, everyone is very serious about training. When a group of people work together for a goal, the hard work of training is also diluted, and it is the hard training in high school that has raised his level by a great level.


In terms of study, his parents have been stricter with him since he was a child, and the head teacher is also very responsible, so his grades have not fallen.


2. Departure


After the college entrance examination, Shi Xuanzheng had some exchanges with a senior at Xi’an Jiaotong University. The team atmosphere of Xi’an Jiaotong University deeply attracted him. He just signed up to try it out, but he didn't expect to get the first place in the special test. In addition, the National Chiao Tung University gave him the opportunity to study a highly-ranked public management major, so he chose Xi'an naturally.


During the first meeting with the coach and the first training, Shi Xuan was a little nervous. He wanted to show himself in front of everyone and fell into a misunderstanding: he always wanted to solve the game by himself and ignored teamwork.


The most common sentence the coach said to him during his freshman year was: "Zhao Shixuan, your role on the court should be a commander, not an engineer. You will do everything by yourself, and you will not go further." Everyone still recognizes his abilities, and has always been tolerant of him, giving him time to change and grow.


Shi Xuan, a newcomer, said that the team atmosphere of the National Chiao Tung University football team is really good. Everyone takes good care of the newcomers, and there are no small groups in the team. Immediately after the military training, the "big brothers" in the team held a welcoming ceremony for the newcomers this year, which brought them closer to the big brothers.


In his freshman year, the captain was also from Dalian, with high emotional intelligence and able to balance the entire team. Taking people as a mirror, Shi Xuan learned a lot from the captain, and he also accumulated a lot for the later becoming the deputy captain and leading the West to overcome difficulties. It can be said that it is this comfortable team atmosphere that allows new people to quickly integrate into this group.


To understand Zhao Shixuan, one needs to understand Xijiao’s four-year record:


Fifth place in the Shaanxi University Eleven-a-side Football League 2016-17


17-18 Shaanxi University Futsal League Champion and 8th in the North District of the National Competition


Runner-up in the Shaanxi University Eleven-a-side Football League 16th in the North District of the National Game


18-19 Shaanxi University Futsal League Third Runner-up


Shaanxi University Eleven-a-side Football League Champion


Runner-up of the Shaanxi University Futsal League 19-20


Runner-up of the Shaanxi University Eleven-a-side Football League


The results of Jiaotong University in the past few years have moved from low to high, and the two competitions in the first year still remain in Shi Xuan's memory.


At that time, the teammates I had in the previous session were very good, and with the old players before, everyone felt that this year is very promising to enter the national competition. Especially the captain, because he had never had the opportunity to participate in the national competition, he was very excited that year and the whole team was very excited. But things backfired. The game was not as easy as imagined, and the opponent was not as vulnerable as imagined.


All 5 games were defeated, no particles were harvested, and he was defeated. Just like a pot of cold water in the head, everyone in the team is particularly hit, feeling that the performance and normal training pay are not proportional. After such a blow, everyone stopped chanting slogans when playing Futsal in the second half of the year. They had a low-key meal before the game, but the attitude of training was still very serious. It happened that the new coach Dongdao used to play. In the five-a-side system, the training provided to the players is very targeted and very routine.


When it came time for the game, they lowered their stance and tried to fight each other as a weaker. Unexpectedly, they played particularly well after their mentality was correct. They scored 21 goals in three games to win the championship, and then advanced to the national competition.


When the final whistle was blown for the final game, the captain couldn't help tears. In the evening, the captain was crying with a glass of wine and thanked everyone for helping him complete his last wish in his four years of college. "The scene at that time was particularly moving." Shi Xuan was also the first time he felt the profound collective honor of this team.

当最后一场比赛吹响最后的哨声时,队长忍不住流泪。傍晚,船长在喝一杯酒时哭泣,并感谢所有人帮助他完成了四年大学的最后一个愿望。 “当时的场面特别动人。”施璇也是他第一次感受到这支球队的深厚集体荣誉。

Yeah, isn't the way uphill is more exciting than standing on the top?


The second one is the third-year college eleven-a-side football league in Shaanxi Province. At that time, the technical and tactical level of the whole team was well matched, and it was considered a strong team in Shaanxi Province.


They all won the first three games smoothly. In the fourth game they were tied at Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology in 96 minutes and lost in a penalty shootout. The room leaked in the evening rain. The experienced seniors in the team took the postgraduate entrance examination, and only the freshman, second and third games were left. In the last game, the two main players missed due to injuries. Therefore, he can only fight back, and the coach also deployed a highly targeted defensive counterattack tactics.


The final result was unexpected. That game was what Shi Xuan personally thought was the pinnacle of his college career-he was easy to play in the midfield, sharp offensively, and fierce on the defensive end. Although he did not score a goal, he scored an assist hat trick. The final 5:1 upset defeated the opponent. Even with many unfavorable factors, the members of Jiaotong University won the championship against the wind and once again advanced to the national competition. With his outstanding performance in the competition, Zhao Shixuan also won the MVP of the Shaanxi Super Group and the title of "Best Athlete" by Xi'an Jiaotong University.


At that time, there was something very interesting to say, because other schools knew his existence for a while, so they focused on Zhao Shixuan. The most exaggerated is that there was one game where the four defenders on the opposite side received a yellow card, all because of deliberate fouls on him. After that game, the white clothes fell into black clothes. Speaking of this, Shi Xuan was also dumbfounded.


Four years ago, in the last game, he didn't actually feel too much at the time, because he had already made enough psychological preparations to meet this sooner or later day, and complete the retirement game with a perfect performance of one goal and one assist. But on the day of the retirement ceremony, he couldn't hold back his torrential emotions: "After I got off the field, I kissed the field where I had been fighting for four years. Tears and sweat told the time the answer."


3. Precipitation


"I became the captain of the academy in my sophomore year. I also won all the Grand Slams in the school during my sophomore year. By the time I graduated, I probably won 7 or 8 championships." Shi Xuan's game in school is really a bug An ordinary existence, but compared to fighting for grades in school, he enjoys playing with other ordinary students.


Through football, he has also met a lot of outstanding people in other aspects. These connections and resources are what he thinks is the most important wealth that football brings to him.


When he was a kid, he started as a forward, then he changed to a wing midfielder, and finally he changed to a midfielder. Because of the solid basic skills and fast foot frequency, Shi Xuan is best at dribbling. After changing to midfield, he also has a deeper understanding of passing.


In the words of the coach: "He is a player who can play with his brain."


However, no one is perfect. Student Zhao also took the initiative to "deeply reflect" on his shortcomings to the small circle:


"Maybe I have been playing an offensive position since I was a kid, so my biggest drawback is that I can't defend, so my partner's midfielder is very tired."


"In addition, when I was playing football, I was very fierce and would lose my temper with my teammates. This was particularly bad. Later, because of one incident, I realized the seriousness of my practice, and later changed my practice."


Because Shi Xuan wanted to win when he played, he had high demands on himself and his teammates.


At that time, there was a warm-up match against a high school team. Because the team did not perform well, the opponent scored three goals in the opening 30 minutes. His temper was uncontrollable at the time, and anyone who made a mistake would scold him. In the end, the coach couldn't stand it anymore and replaced him. After coming down, he was still very angry and quarreled with another teammate off the court.


"It was really up at the time. I didn't care when the coach was sitting next to me. I carried my bag and went straight back to the dormitory." But after he went back, he regretted it because he felt the influence was particularly bad. However, it is done. Later, the captain and coach took turns to talk to him, and the coach was very angry and wanted to suspend training for him.


Since the game was about to be played at that time, Shi Xuan was particularly afraid of not being able to play, and realized the seriousness of the matter, so he wrote a 5,000-word review and checked in front of the whole team.


"Actually, thinking about it now, there was excuse for anger at the time, but there was a big problem with the way I expressed my emotions. My approach was only bad for the team and not good for the team. So in the days that followed, I got rid of this bad problem. Although I still get angry sometimes, I will start to pay attention to everyone's feelings and express their feelings in a more acceptable way for others.


From complaining to encouragement, from criticism to praise, it can be said that that incident has greatly contributed to his growth.


4. Pilot


At the time of the freshman year, the whole team trusted Zhao Shixuan's abilities, so the coach and captain made a decision that surprised him but also surprised him, that is, to give him the number 10 jersey directly.


This incident was a great encouragement for him who had just entered college at the time. Now that he looks back after graduation, Shi Xuan feels that he did not live up to the trust of the coach and the big brothers in the team at the time.


After gradually becoming the leader of this team in his sophomore year, the coach also gave Shi Xuan great autonomy. In addition to trying to lead everyone to victory on the court, he also worked hard to create a good team atmosphere off the court. He kept telling his teammates: “I’m a separate person on the court and off the court. I might get angry with someone on the court, but I’m always dealing with things and people. I’m not treating anyone off the court. There will be opinions, everyone is good brothers."


At the same time, he is also willing to share his experience and stories with everyone, so everyone likes him very much.


"I always feel that the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility, especially when the whole team supports me. Everyone supports me and gives me the greatest trust. Then when the team is on the court, when the team is most difficult, I I should stand up without hesitation! This belief has always supported me. That's why I can stand up at critical times and help the team with goals and assists."


It is worth mentioning that in his junior year, Shi Xuan was recognized by Shaanxi Province, was selected for the Shaanxi University Student Team, and participated in a Sino-German semifinal as the team's deputy captain. They defeated a German team in that competition, and finally finished third.


"It is very exciting to be able to participate in the Universiade. In the junior year of the China-Germany Final Four, our Shaanxi team won the German team and won glory for the country. I am really proud."


After graduation, Shi Xuan and his teammates had an appointment to meet together in Shenzhen for a while. Although they can't play football together now, this relationship will continue throughout their lives. "We must get together once when we change from 5 to 10, and once again when we change from 10 to 15!"

毕业后,石轩和他的队友约好在深圳见面一段时间。尽管他们现在不能一起踢足球,但这种关系将持续到他们一生。 “当我们从5变为10时,我们必须聚在一起,当我们从10变为15时,我们必须再次聚在一起!”

The beauty of this relationship is something he cherishes especially. Therefore, as the deputy captain, he often said to his juniors that each session must be united internally, and the internal hearts will be used in one place, so that we as a whole will be in one place.


During the four years of college, Shi Xuan thanked his two coaches very much. They have been patient and trusted him most. They have cultivated Shi Xuan from a young player to a team leader who can be alone.


The team motto of the Xi'an Jiaotong University football team is "being in order and being grateful." He will remember these 8-character maxims and accompany him to the future.


But because of love, I am willing to face all difficulties.


Summarizing the past four years, Zhao Shixuan has taken all the personal honors he can get, and created a lot of history with the Jiaotong University football team, but like many people, the most regrettable thing is that he failed to lead the team in the national competition. Farther. This team is now on an ascending road. Fortunately, he witnessed the team's first small peak with everyone. After graduation, he will also change roles, transform from a player to a fan, and continue to support this beloved team.


When we summarize the past, we often pretend that we know a lot, always reluctant to shut up and let go. In fact, only the grasslands in Xi'an, Dalian know the most, but they have been silent.


When we look forward to the future, we often complain that time is whistling too fast, always unable to grasp the past and the present, missed the championship, regretted defeat, regretted the loss. In fact, time has always stayed in place, and it is only ourselves that flows.


Light catalyzed all the speed, and our protagonist has also gone through more than ten years of campus football time without hiding the edge. Stepping into the job, Shi Xuan has a new experience. Although he is still in the training stage, he is uncertain about the off-duty time every day, and is called by the leader to pick up new tasks at any time, and the conversation with the small circle has been interrupted several times, but he still faces the unknown ahead happily.


After all, people who live well every day will not be bad in the future!




Copywriter: Li Yuexin and Zhao Shixuan






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