Shortcoming - Secondhand Jacket

Release Date - June 11th, 2018

Artist Information:

Label: Self-Released
Genre: Punk Rock/Pop Punk
Sounds Like: Blink 182, New Found Glory, SUM41, NOFX, Green Day, Goldfinger, Simple Plan, MEST, and Alkaline Trio


The original lineup of shortcoming was formed in 2001 as a trio of friends who shared interests in skateboarding and punk rock. They recorded a series of EPs and played a variety of shows including house parties, benefits, and punk rock shows. Although all of its members are from the east coast (King of Prussia, PA), shortcoming had a sound familiar to the Southern California surf/skate punk scene.

Shortcoming was resurrected as solo project in 2016 by main songwriter, Geof Franchi, who plays drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, as well as other instruments. Geof's style of writing is heavily influenced by some of the most notable pop/punk rock albums where he studied and learned every song on every instrument.

Throughout the years, Geof has written more than 10 albums worth of material, and like a journal, he plans to release the songs in chronological order. With each album release, the themes mature starting from insecurity and depression, to self-destructive behavior and failing relationships, to society and worldly issues.

All songs are written, produced, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered (with the exception of "Secondhand Jacket" which was Mastered by LandR), and released by Geof Franchi out of his home recording studio, which he named cut time studios. Geof has a degree in Recording arts and a background with electronics in which every album released will feature a new type of technology, method, modification, or invention.

So, with its growth mapped out, never expect more of the same with shortcoming. With each release, comes better musicianship, more mature themes, new ear candy, and even the change in how the sound of pop/punk rock has evolved over the years.

Although Geof has a full time job, his passion is music and he wishes to use it to give back. Geof is vegan and is donating 100% of his artist royalties to animal welfare organizations.

Shortcoming's second album, "Secondhand Jacket" was just released in June 2018, and Geof is already back in the studio recording the third album titled "Regrets Only."




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Press Contact: Geof Franchi | | (484)365-3572